Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS)
Perc Pineda

How to understand plastics industry's unemployment figures – Talking Points

July 25, 2023
Several factors contributed to recent swings, from lingering COVID-19 repercussions to economic uncertainty and demographics, says PLASTICS chief economist.
ABB Robotics
ABB's Visual SLAM technology helps AMRs navigate safely.
Product Innovations

Visual SLAM guides ABB's AMRs

July 21, 2023
It combines AI and 3D vision technologies to make operation safe in dynamic, human-populated environments.
Fabrisonic's SonicLayer 1600 can join dissimilar metals and create complex internal geometries.
Molds & Tooling

SonicLayer 1600 employs additive, subtractive manufacturing

July 19, 2023
Fabrisonic's printer can join dissimilar metals, create complex internal geometries and allow sensors or electronics to be embedded.
Applied Cobotics
Applied Cobotics' Cobot Feeder holds trays of parts and exchanges empty trays for full ones.
Product Innovations

Cobot Feeder reduces downtime

July 17, 2023
Applied Cobotics' standardized platform holds a parts tray within the cobot’s work zone and replaces it when the parts have all been used.
KTM Technologies GmbH
KTM Technologies, a Salzburg, Austria, maker of innovative vehicle parts, has partnered with Engel Austria GmbH to develop a process for manufacturing motorcycle seat bases that are rigid but compact.
Injection Molding

Composite tape process produces rigid, compact parts for vehicles

July 14, 2023
Engel, KTM Technologies tout potential for auto-parts makers to clear room for more electronics by reducing size of components without sacrificing strength.

More content from July 2023

KraussMaffei Corp.
KraussMaffei's extrusion lab makes up about a quarter of its Innovation Center at its U.S. facility in Florence, Ky. Over the years, the company has welcomed numerous students participating in co-op and apprenticeship programs.

Work-school partnerships introduce students to manufacturing

July 13, 2023
KraussMaffei leverages community assets, including NaviGo, University of Cincinnati and Gateway Community & Technical College, to build workforce.
Formlabs' Build Platform 2L speeds post-processing.
Additive Manufacturing

Build platform reduces processing time

July 13, 2023
Formlabs' Build Platform 2L can be installed without tools to work with the Form 3L and Form 3BL printers.
The Cognex In-Sight 3800 system integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and rules-based tools.
Product Innovations

Cognex upgrades versatile In-Sight 3800 vision system

July 11, 2023
It integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and rules-based tools in a single system, and can perform 2 to 4 times faster than previous versions.
Joe Campbell
Joe Campbell

Joe Campbell rebalances work demands

July 10, 2023
The automation expert is easing into retirement, after a career helping companies address labor needs with robots.
AIM3D’s ExAM 255 3D printer was recently updated with a nozzle closure, which can be used with both granulate and filament extruders to prevent material from leaking when the extruder is not actively printing. Material that leaks onto a part can cause defects.
Additive Manufacturing

AIM3D upgrades ExAM 255 printer

July 7, 2023
The printer, which can handle plastic, ceramic or metal parts, adds a vacuum clamping table, nozzle lock and optional filament extruder.
PLASTICS develops standards to ensure that machinery, such as this Bruckner cast film line, meets the highest levels of safety.

PLASTICS seeks input on safety standards for cast film machinery

The Machinery Safety Standards Committee seeks experts to weigh in to improve technical content and clarity of draft document for new ANSI standards.