Cognex upgrades versatile In-Sight 3800 vision system

July 11, 2023
It integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and rules-based tools in a single system, and can perform 2 to 4 times faster than previous versions.

In-Sight 3800 Cognex’s In-Sight 2D vision systems can handle a wide range of tasks, from bar-code reading to part inspection. All of Cognex’s In-Sight products include the In-Sight Vision Suite software, which lets users choose between a spreadsheet or EasyBuilder point-and-click programming interface environment. 

What’s new? The In-Sight 3800 series.   

Benefits Faster, more complete inspections. The In-Sight 3800 integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and rules-based tools in a single system, allowing it to detect the presence or absence of components, identify defects, and inspect parts for flaws and surface-level defects, while its optical character recognition (OCR) technology can read characters and text. Its multi-color lighting system and high-dynamic range plus (HDR+) technology adapt to varied operating conditions and applications, automatically optimizing images to make more features visible. Depending on the task, it can perform two to four times faster than previous In-Sight products.  

Cognex Corp., Natick, Mass., 508-650-3000, 

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