Cobot Feeder reduces downtime

July 17, 2023
Applied Cobotics' standardized platform holds a parts tray within the cobot’s work zone and replaces it when the parts have all been used.

Cobot Feeder Collaborative robots (cobots) can increase production while freeing workers for other tasks, but they can also be subject to unwanted downtime, such as when an operator is unavailable to immediately refresh an emptied parts tray. To address this, Applied Cobotics, a PBC Linear brand, has developed its Cobot Feeder, a standardized platform that holds a parts tray within the cobot’s work zone. When the cobot has finished all the parts on the current tray, the platform automatically raises or lowers to put the tray in a storage rack, removes the next parts trays and positions it within the work zone. The Cobot Feeder is designed to work seamlessly with cobots from Universal Robots for a wide range of functions, including machine tending, part loading and unloading, assembly operations, cleaning and deburring stations, laser marking and palletizing tasks.

What’s new?  The Cobot Feeder.  

Benefits Increased productivity. The company said the Cobot Feeder can boost cobot productivity from 10 to 20 times higher than standard means. Users can achieve high-mix, high-volume output with minimized downtime, as well as lights-out production. Light curtains keep operators safe, and the unit’s HMI makes setup and programming simple. Rack trays are available with a range of standard-sized pockets or can be customized to meet specific needs.

PBC Linear, Roscoe, Ill., 815-389-5600, 

Vital Statistics 

Standard mount size, with rack 

77 inches by 72 inches by 78 inches 


1,400 pounds 

Tray tower capacity 

17 trays 

Maximum tray capacity 

50 pounds 

Maximum part height 

18 inches 

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