Lucid Vision Labs Inc.
Lucid Vision Labs' Helios2 Wide Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera is suited for tasks that offer a close working distance and a large area of operation, such as pick-and-place and palletizing applications.
Product Innovations

Lucid camera expands viewable area

April 17, 2023
The Helios2 Wide Time-of-Flight (ToF) is easy to use and offers protection against water and dust intrusion.
Onexia Inc.
A cobot is shown in an installation set up by Exton, Pa., integrator Onexia.

What's a cobot?

April 14, 2023
Ability to work alongside humans characterizes the technologies, but interactions that would bring the two in closest contact still are rare.
Baracco Srl
Available through ADG Solutions, Baracco's underwater pelletizing systems have capacities ranging from 220 pounds per hour to 13,227 pounds per hour.

Italian company Baracco's pelletizers are versatile, produce uniform pellets

April 13, 2023
The machines, along with the company's spin dryers, now are available from ADG Solutions.
Atlas Material Testing Technology
The Ci4400 Weather-Ometer

Weather-Ometer tests parts for durability

April 13, 2023
The updated Ci4400 demonstrates how materials and products, such as plastic parts, degrade when exposed to light, extreme temperatures and humidity.
Davis-Standard LLC
Davis-Standard's DS-XEL control system adds a high-performance HMI and a range of upgraded features for Super Blue and HPE models.

Control system expands extruders' capabilities

April 12, 2023
Davis-Standard's DS-XEL system adds a high-performance HMI and a range of upgraded features for Super Blue and HPE models.

More content from April 2023

Emily Friedman is recycled plastics senior editor for ICIS.

Understanding the forces that drive recycled resin pricing: Talking Points

April 12, 2023
Once it was a cheap alternative; now, with companies setting ambitious sustainability targets, supply is tight and it can cost more than virgin.
CAMWorks software has expanded its capabilities.
Molds & Tooling

CAMWorks software broadens capabilities

April 11, 2023
The software can be used by mold makers to automate CNC machining and wire electrical discharge machining, and make it more efficient.
Onexia Inc.
The market for cobots is hot. Here, one operates as part of an automation cell designed by integrator Onexia.

Ease of use, flexibility spur interest in cobots

April 11, 2023
Artificial intelligence, sensors and vision systems that can be paired with cobots enable advances.
Nofia CO6010-EX from FRX Polymers is intended for electronics and appliances.
Product Innovations

Flame retardant intended for electronics, appliances

April 10, 2023
Nofia CO6010-EX from FRX Polymers eliminates the need to pre-dry the resin.
Pagani USA
The Pagani 4090B granulator is available with in-feed hopper widths of 23.6 inches, 35.4 inches, 59.1 inches and 82.7 inches.

Pagani granulator handles large parts

April 10, 2023
Featuring a robust cutting chamber, the Pagani 4090B is made from plate steel and has a “Rotoflange” bearing system designed to protect against dust infiltration.
Enercon's blown-ion plasma treater prepares a part for application of tape.

Plasma treatment speeds spoiler production

April 6, 2023
Adding the Enercon blown-ion system, along with custom automation, also freed workers from a smelly job at Champion Plastics.