Italian company Baracco's pelletizers are versatile, produce uniform pellets

April 13, 2023
The machines, along with the company's spin dryers, now are available from ADG Solutions.

By Ron Shinn 

A new brand of pelletizing systems designed for a wide range of applications, as well as new spin dryers, are available in the U.S. through ADG Solutions Inc. 

Baracco Srl equipment is designed in Occhiobello, Italy, and assembled in the U.S.  

“This is an entirely new product line,” ADG Solutions President Sandy Guthrie said. “Baracco equipment features high energy savings, minimum waste of material during startup and low operating cost.” 

ADG Solutions now sells Baracco’s underwater pelletizing systems, vertical spin dryers and watering pelletizing systems. ADG Solutions recently became the exclusive agent for Baracco equipment in the U.S. Guthrie discussed the new products at the Plastics Recycling Conference in National Harbor, Md.  

The Baracco underwater pelletizing system comes in five models, from the BPU2, which has a capacity of up to 220 pounds per hour, to the BPU60, which has a throughput ranging from 7,700 pounds to 13,227 pounds per hour. 

The underwater pelletizers can process a wide range of materials, compounds, blends, masterbatches and recyclates.  

The pelletizers feature automatic start and shutdown, redundant safety locks, a high-efficiency closed-circuit filtered water system and the ability to produce pellets of varying sizes, depending on customers’ needs. 

A unique feature is that the pelletizer swivels on its stand to provide better access. 

Baracco’s vertical spin dryer is designed to provide quick drying, according to Guthrie. It comes in four models, from the SP5, with a per-hour drying capacity of 992 pounds to 1,102 pounds, to the SP30, which has a per-hour capacity of 7,716 pounds to 13,227 pounds. 

Conveyor blades are arranged to reduce the force of the material colliding on the dryer walls, which reduces wear. 

The dryer features an internal basket with removable sectors for separating water from the product being dried. An electric fan extracts humidity. 

There is no soundproofing needed because the dryer is constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel sheet.   

Cleaning doors have hinges to facilitate maintenance and cleaning during product changeovers.

The third new product is a liquid ring watering pelletizing system. It is available in four sizes, starting with a 220 pounds per hour output for the BPW50 to the 2,205 pounds per hour to 6,614 pounds per hour for the BPW300. 

Guthrie said the systems are simple and compact, and guarantee excellent product with moderate production costs. Other features include pellet uniformity and operation that is not sensitive to temporary interruption in polymer flow. The machine’s design evenly distributes polymer flow to each hole in the die plate. 

Typical applications include polymer recovery, compounding and post-consumer and industrial recycling. 

Baracco's water-ring pelletizing units are designed to allow quick removal of the blades and die, quick color changes, easy cleaning, and easy commissioning and operation.

Spare parts are stocked by ADG Solutions for fast delivery.  

“We have very good industry deliveries for the watering pelletizers – 22-24 weeks; and for the underwater, typical deliveries are under 30 weeks. Spin dryers are under 20 weeks delivery,” Guthrie said. “This, of course, is the current situation, and orders have been strong.” 

He said he plans to stock fully assembled machines soon.  

In addition to the Baracco pelletizers, ADG Solutions provides everything from stand-alone machines to turnkey recycling lines. It also has a technical center.  

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