Flame retardant intended for electronics, appliances

April 10, 2023
Nofia CO6010-EX from FRX Polymers eliminates the need to pre-dry the resin.

Nofia CO6010-EX This material is the first in a new line of advanced copolymeric flame retardants for the consumer electronics and appliance industry. 

What’s new? The material, which expands the capabilities of the Nofia family and removes the need to dry the polymer before processing. It fills a gap in the current portfolio by targeting a growing need for PC, PC/ABS and PC/acrylic-styrene-acrylonitrile in applications where neither brominated flame retardants nor perfluoro butyl sulfonates can be used. 

Benefits The elimination of the need for pre-drying resins. In addition, parts processed with Nofia CO6010-EX demonstrate improved impact resistance. Like other Nofia fire retardants, Nofia CO6010-EX provides improved resistance to chemical cleaners and permanence compared with traditional, non-polymeric, phosphorous-based flame retardants. 

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