Pagani granulator handles large parts

April 10, 2023
Featuring a robust cutting chamber, the Pagani 4090B is made from plate steel and has a “Rotoflange” bearing system designed to protect against dust infiltration.

By Ron Shinn 

Recycling equipment manufacturer Pagani’s latest granulator is the 4090B, designed for large, thick-walled post-consumer containers, including purges.

The 4090B is the first in a new series, said Jeff Taylor, sales director at Pagani USA in Towson, Md., in February at the Plastics Recycling Conference. Pagani USA is a subsidiary of Pagani Dycomet, S.A. de C.V. in Mexico City.

The 4090B is machined from plate steel, and Taylor said it has a robust cutting chamber.

A “Rotoflange” bearing system is designed to protect against dust infiltration into the operating system.

The design also permits quick access to the cutting chamber for easy cleaning and faster blade replacement. Rotating sidewalls reduce heat buildup, friction and fines.

The granulator is available with in-feed hopper widths of 23.6 inches, 35.4 inches, 59.1 inches and 82.7 inches. Three rotor variations are available: 4090-FA, 4090-CH and 4090-EHD-XL.

The 4090-FA and 4090-CH are available with a 50-horsepower (hp), 60-hp or 70-hp engine. The feeding mouth is 16 inches by 36 inches. Throughput is about 772 pounds to 1,984 pounds per hour. The two models have open-type rotors.

The 4090-EHD-XL, which has an extended cutting chamber, is available with a 75-hp or 100-hp motor. Feeding mouth also is 16 inches by 36 inches, and the rotor is a semi-open type. Throughput is about 772 pounds per hour to 1,764 pounds per hour. The unit’s rotor and chamber allow it to granulate medium-sized purgings and thick-walled pipe and profiles in one step.

All the rotors in this series are manufactured from one-piece, high-quality steel. Bearings are sealed ball bearings.

Options include a feed-roll system, wet grinding and a low-profile layout.

Pagani Dycomet manufactures a wide range of granulators, evacuation systems, aspirators, densifiers and complete wash lines for PE, PET, HDPE, PVC and PC. All are made in Mexico City. The company has been in business since 1966.  

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