ATI MC-50 eases end-of-arm-tooling changes

Jan. 22, 2024
It mounts directly to most cobots to provide seamless integration with many common grippers and end-effectors.

MC-50 ATI Industrial Automation’s MC-50 manual tool changer features an ISO 50mm mounting interface on the master-side and tool-side and mounts directly to most cobots to provide a seamless integration with many common cobot grippers and end-effectors. 

What’s new? The MC-50 manual tool changer.  

Benefits Simple, reliable end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) changes. The patent-pending MC-50 is compact and robust, with a lever that offers quick, intuitive and ergonomic operation. It includes a safety latch button on the lever to provide secondary locking that prevents involuntary uncoupling. It has four integrated M5 pneumatic pass-through ports to support a range of electrical and pneumatic utilities for downstream end-effectors. The MC-50 is designed for applications on collaborative robots that support maximum payloads of about 55 pounds, and small industrial robots supporting payloads up to 22 pounds. 

ATI Industrial Automation, Apex, N.C., 919-772-0115, 

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