Flexicon Block-Buster conditions materials in bulk bags

July 26, 2023
Two hydraulic rams quickly return the material to a free-flowing state.

Block-Buster hydraulic bulk bag conditioner Flexicon’s Block-Buster bulk bag conditioner accommodates bulk bags of all popular sizes, and can easily be programmed via its HMI control panel to quickly return the material to a free-flowing state. The bulk bag it’s handling rests on its hydraulically actuated, variable-height turntable, and two hydraulic rams engage the bag. Operators can set all parameters needed for the bag, including height, rotation of the bag in 90-degree increments, and the pressure level and number of times the rams are actuated in a cycle. The unit encloses the bag on all four sides, and when its safety-interlocked doors are open, all equipment functions are disabled. 

What’s new? The Block-Buster hydraulic bulk bag conditioner.  

Benefits Safe, automated conditioning of bulk materials that can be easily customized to the type of material and its level of solidity. It has arched doorway masts that provide overhead clearance, making it easier to insert and remove bulk bags. The Block-Buster can be ordered constructed of stainless steel for sanitary and corrosive applications, and is available via the company’s Quick-Ship Program as a stand-alone unit, or in configurations integral to bulk bag dischargers.  

Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, Pa., 610-814-2400, www.flexicon.com 

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