Munson blender handles demanding compounds

Aug. 1, 2023
The Cylindrical Plow is designed to achieve batch uniformity in ratios to one part per thousand.

Cylindrical Plow blender This blender from Munson is designed to achieve batch uniformity in ratios to one part per thousand. Its high-strength agitator shaft has radial arms and rotates wedge blades at high speed within its heavy-gauge vessel to impart a fluidizing action that keeps the material in constant motion. If more dispersion is needed, the blender’s two independently powered, high-speed tulip-shaped intensifiers can introduce increased shear.  

What’s new? The Cylindrical Plow blender, which can handle batches as large as 40 cubic feet. 

Benefits Batch uniformity. According to the company, the blender is best-suited for blending demanding compounds that require the application of more energy, including dry, fibrous, dense, interlocking or moist/oily bulk materials. It also is capable of blending significantly more quickly than trough-style horizontal mixers. With construction from 304 or 316 stainless steel and a sanitary finish, it can meet cleaning requirements to avoid cross-contamination, making it appropriate for use in the plastics, pharmaceutical, chemical and other sectors. 

Munson Machinery Co. Inc., Utica, N.Y., 315-797-0090, 

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