Techman expands cobot line

Dec. 16, 2022
The series integrates a built-in vision system and artificial intelligence technology.

AI Cobots All the cobots in this Techman series integrate a built-in vision system and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to boost performance of users’ production lines. They are capable of more-basic tasks, such as machine tending, picking and placing parts, and palletizing; and, with their vision and AI capabilities, they can perform more-advanced tasks that include detecting scratches, damage or foreign matter, counting and inventory tasks, and cable assembly checks. They offer a reach ranging from 2.3 feet to 4.3 feet, and payloads from 8.8 pounds to 44 pounds. Techman relies on a network of distributors within North America. 

What’s new? Two new cobots in the line  the TM16 and TM20.  

Benefits Advanced capabilities that are easy to implement. The AI cobots are designed with first-time users in mind, and the TMflow software lets users program with an intuitive click-and-drag motion that requires no programming knowledge. The cobots also save users time and money, as they come with all necessary hardware and AI software integrated, avoiding the need to search for and purchase multiple components or outsource programming work. No barriers or safety fencing are required, and collision-detection sensors stop the cobot when physical contact is detected. The cobots also can be installed on automated guided vehicles to enhance their mobility and flexibility.  

Techman Robot Inc., Taoyuan City, Taiwan, 886-3-3288-350, 

Vital Statistics 



2.3 feet 

13.2 pounds 

48.7 pounds 


2.9 feet 

8.8 pounds 

49.8 pounds 


4.3 feet 

26.5 pounds 

72.3 pounds 


3.6 feet 

30.8 pounds 

71.6 pounds 


4.3 feet 

44 pounds 

72.3 pounds 
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