Software lets users create workflows

Jan. 20, 2021
Faro's BuildIT Projector controls step-by-step laser guidance, replacing need for tooling or templates.

BuildIT Projector This software lets users create workflows that products like Faro’s TracerSI can then project via laser onto work surfaces to guide step-by-step processes. One of the biggest applications Faro has seen for its software is in composite layup, where the laser can project a virtual template onto the surface, showing in what order and exactly where each layer should be applied.

What’s new? Version 2020.5. This update includes new features like Simple Remote, which lets users control the laser projection from Android, iOS or Windows tablets to streamline operation. Reports that allow traceability of each layer can now be automatically generated.

Benefits Accurate, repeatable workflows. As well as guiding each step, BuildIT Projector can verify sequencing and part placement to ensure first-time accuracy. It also eliminates the cost and storage requirements of tooling or templates, and designs and individual steps in a process can be modified or updated quickly.

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