BinMaster device transmits data from silos and bins

April 13, 2020
BinMaster's BinCloud Gateway works as part of an inventory-management systems to update smartphones, tables and PCs.

BinCloud Gateway As part of an inventory management system, the BinCloud Gateway hardware device from BinMaster takes measurement data from level sensors in bins, silos and other vessels and sends it to a smartphone, tablet or PC. Designed to work with a variety of types of computer networks, the gateway device is both Ethernet- and WiFi-enabled; cellular connectivity is also an option. It features a durable housing.

What’s new? The gateway.

Benefits Improved data accessibility. The BinCloud Gateway eliminates a step in the communications process to provide faster, more reliable communications than competing gateways. It provides fast update times of 2 to 5 seconds and has fewer error messages and missed readings. It also allows users to access sensor data from almost anywhere.

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