PlasmaDyne Pro 100 prepares surfaces for bonding

June 25, 2024
3DT's system has added features to monitor performance and preserve production data.

PlasmaDyne Pro 100 3DT’s PlasmaDyne Pro 100 system etches and micro-cleans the surfaces of materials with low surface energy to improve the bonding of ink, paint, adhesives and coatings. These materials include plastics, rubber, glass, paper, metal and composites. The PlasmaDyne Pro 100 is available with one treating head, available in either a rotating or stationary style. The rotating heads treat an area from 15mm to 40mm wide, while stationary heads treat a narrow area of 10mm to 12 mm wide. The treating heads are easily mounted, making it simple to integrate them with robots, conveyor systems and indexing systems.  

What’s new? A range of advanced features that enable the PlasmaDyne Pro 100 to monitor performance and preserve production data. Its updated control systems continuously monitor generator parameters, plus it supports remote data collection through Ethernet IP. It also includes a discrete I/O connector for controlling and monitoring the system. 

Benefits Value and quick availability. By standardizing 3DT’s well-established plasma technology, the PlasmaDyne Pro 100 is available for quick production and shipping. The higher surface energy that 3DT systems can impart improves production by providing faster throughput. With the system, manufacturers can make better parts and produce less scrap. PlasmaDyne Pro 100 can operate as a stand-alone unit or be incorporated into a production line, and its advanced technology provides uniform, repeatable surface treatment.  

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