Peristaltic pump offers precise flow control

June 12, 2024
Riverdale Global's gravimetric system for dispensing color and additives is suited for low-dose applications.

Peristaltic pump Riverdale Global’s RGS Riverdale Gravimetric System is especially well-suited to applications requiring extremely low dosing or when Return-for-Refill is not logistically possible. It uses the same load cell technology as the RGS Controller as well as the stepper control of the Maguire MS4 pump. Its patented design uses a stepper motor with no gearbox to drive the dosing of the liquid, and the intelligent technology of the software control makes the dosing range highly adjustable. 

What’s new? The gravimetric peristaltic pump, which offers the first complete sealed delivery system for color and additives. Riverdale Global displayed the system at NPE.  

Benefits Precise flow control. Because gravimetric peristaltic pumps measure the weight of the liquid color being dispensed or transferred, rather than just its volumetric measurement, these pumps can be more consistent and reliable in applications where precision is critical. Peristaltic pumps are self-priming, and minimize the risk of contamination. The pump design is compact, and minimal maintenance is required. Liquid delivery tubes are quick and easy to change when color changes are required and can be re-used. Its advanced control system allows for remote operation, monitoring and automation.  

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