Emergent cameras can be used for sorting, quality control

May 14, 2024
The Eros 5GigE is compact and cost-efficient, while allowing users to customize plug-ins.

Eros 5GigE With a speed of nearly 800 frames per second, these cameras from Emergent Vision Technologies can be deployed in sorting and in-line quality control applications. The cameras are supported by Emergent’s eCapture Pro software, which allows end users to develop their own custom plug-ins, or leverage existing plug-ins, including polarization and pattern matching. 

What's new? The cameras. 

Benefits Cost-effectiveness and compact size. While not as fast as some models, these cameras offer the same zero-data-loss and high-speed imaging approach as more-expensive alternatives. The cameras experience the lowest-possible latency and jitter, making them appropriate for high-speed applications. They can detect materials and substances invisible to the naked eye. Sensors can separate reflected and transmitted scenes, so the cameras can surface defects like dirt, bumps, dips, scratches and bends when inspecting shiny objects. Polarized imaging options, which are particularly useful when detecting defects on shiny or reflective surfaces, are available.  

Emergent Vision Technologies Inc., Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, 866-780-6082, www.emergentvisiontec.com 

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