Cold Jet pelletizer produces dry ice on demand

May 13, 2024
It has a compact design, a user-friendly interface and is compatible with a range of storage and supply tanks.

PE 80 pelletizer This Cold Jet machine produces dry ice (CO2) pellets, which can be used in the company’s dry ice particle blasting equipment to clean molds and dies, as well as prepare molded parts prior to painting or coating. Intended particularly for companies that employ multiple dry ice blasters, the PE 80 is compatible with a range of liquid CO2 storage and supply options, including regular fixed liquid CO2 tanks, transportable dewar tanks and micro bulk tanks.  

What’s new? The PE 80, which offers in-house, on-demand production of dry ice pellets. This system is great for companies looking to control waste by producing dry ice — including current dry ice blasting users with multiple dry ice blasters. 

Benefits Fast, consistent production of dry ice pellets. The PE 80 pelletizer gives businesses an affordable solution for a dry ice supply without investing in an oversized machine. It has a compact design and has mounted casters that make it easy to move around, even in facilities with limited space. Also, it has a user-friendly interface and simple controls, allowing users to create dry ice pellets in a range of sizes in just minutes. The PE 80 can optionally be recessed and fixed to a wall for a permanent location while minimizing floor space requirements. 

Cold Jet LLC, Loveland, Ohio, 513-831-3211, 

Vital Statistics


23.6 inches by 39.3 inches by 61.4 inches 


447.5 pounds 

Dry ice output 

Up to 176 pounds per hour 

Dry ice pellet sizes 

1.7mm, 2.2mm, 3mm, 8mm, 16mm 

CO2 tank pressure 

217.5 to 261 pounds per square inch 

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