Sonderhoff Smart-M handles two-component materials

May 21, 2024
The compact dosing cell has a new, user-friendly menu layout with central navigation and remote-maintenance functionality.

Sonderhoff Smart-M The smallest of Henkel’s compact class of dosing cells for seal foaming, bonding and potting, this low-pressure machine is designed for the semi-automatic and automatic handling of two-component mixtures of liquids, as well as medium- and high-viscosity materials, such as polyurethanes, silicones, epoxy resins or other polymeric reactive materials. To regulate the process and ensure quality, the technology is equipped with sensors and actuators, and all set-up, system, material and process data are automatically logged. The Standard Sonderhoff Smart-M is equipped with a lift door, but a version with an indexing table with a 180-degree rotation is available. A removable cell roof provides easy access to the dosing cell. 

What’s new? A new, user-friendly menu layout with central navigation and remote-maintenance functionality. At Fakuma 2023, Henkel displayed a Sonderhoff Smart-M with a new DM 50x dosing machine and the newly developed MK 825 Pro mixing head, which featured improved valve technology and a host of new features, including continuous pressure control and automatic adjustment, temperature control, a “click-and-drop” quick-mounting system and an integrated, optional cooling system. 

Benefits Precise processing of two-component materials, and very high process and dispensing accuracy. The Sonderhoff Smart-M is modular, compact, and easy to use, and the updated interface features clear, informative graphics. A highlight of the new cell is its array of built-in sensors for seamless monitoring and compliance with critical process parameters, such as the degree of air loading, axial position of the agitator shaft in the mixing chamber, material pressure at the valve and the temperature in the mixing chamber, as well as the positioning of the dosing needle. 

Henkel Corp., Elgin, Ill., 847-888-1110, 

Vital Statistics

Volume of available material pressure tanks 

24 liters or 44 liters, made from chrome-nickel steel, in single-walled or double-walled configurations 

Number of components it can handle 


Mixing head travel range 

19.7 inches by 23.6 inches by 9.8 inches 

Height of the cell, not counting the removable cell roof 

7.2 feet 

Interface size 

10.1 inches; optional 21.5-inch touch screen 

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