Thayer Scale gravimetric feeder is accurate, responsive

May 15, 2024
The MSV has a flexible, modular design and is easy to clean and maintain.

MSV gravimetric feeder Thayer Scale’s high-precision, mass-counterbalanced gravimetric feeder offers precise feed-rate control for free-flowing pellets and granules. It has a flexible modular design that allows for a cluster of up to six feeders. Users can accomplish tool-free changeover of augers and tubes, and all components are easily accessed for service. 

What’s new? The MSV feeder. It includes the company’s new low-profile cable scale, which offers higher load-cell utilization compared to competing feeders, thanks to its micro-lever system.  

Benefits Compact, easy-to-clean, economical design. The feeder’s higher load-cell utilization brings with it higher accuracy than some competing feeders, fast responsiveness to changes in set point or material density fluctuations and the elimination of dead zones. The feeder also requires fewer refills thanks to its longer gravimetric cycles. 

Thayer Scale – Hyer Industries, Pembroke, Mass., 781-826-8101, 

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