VibXpert 3 Balancer detects vibrations early

Feb. 29, 2024
The product from Fluke's Pruftechnik brand allows users to correct imbalance issues in rotating machinery before they cause downtime.

VibXpert 3 Balancer Vibration occurs in all rotating machinery, but vibration due to imbalance increases wear on bearings, seals, nozzles and other components, reducing machine performance and longevity. The VibXpert 3 Balancer from Fluke’s Pruftechnik brand gives users the ability to detect detrimental vibration levels long before they become visible to the naked eye in any rotating machinery — such as fans, pumps, and motor-driven tools — using resonance tests, phase measurements and other data to diagnose complex issues. Users can capture vibration data from up to six analog channels simultaneously, and the device’s advanced software capabilities streamline the workflow and speed up balancing procedures.

What’s new? The VibXpert 3 Balancer.

Benefits Time and cost savings. The VibXpert 3 Balancer lets workers detect and correct imbalance issues quicker, and timely maintenance can minimize costly downtime, damage and unplanned machine downtime. Teams can view measurement data on one convenient dashboard, receive step-by-step guidance on rectifying the imbalance and measure again until the issue is thoroughly resolved. The VibXpert 3 Balancer generates comprehensive reports to document an asset’s condition before and after balancing. The tablet-sized device is durable, shockproof and resistant to damage from drops, and has a scratch-resistant screen. It is ergonomically designed, with an integrated shoulder strap and dual-redundant buttons on either side, providing equal comfort and ease of use for left-handed and right-handed users. It has a mounting bracket for machine rails. Its extended battery allows it to function for 8 hours in full operating mode.

Fluke Corp., Everett, Wash., 

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