Inspekto upgrades machine vision system

Feb. 23, 2024
The new AI-based Auto Markup tool helps improve defect-inspection capabilities.

Inspekto S70 The Inspekto S70 autonomous machine vision system offers users a simple way to set up and conduct visual inspections of parts or assemblies with complex geometries. It can handle quality-control tasks with a variety of materials and applications, and is easily integrated with robotic arms and cobots to work alongside humans or independently. It can be used in-line or as part of a fully automated cell. Inspekto’s AI-based system can detect even unforeseen defects, based on good parts, and alert when it encounters anomalies. 

What’s new? Version 5.2.0, which includes the new Auto Markup tool. This AI-based tool allows the user to easily mark the part outline and regions of interest with automatic part identification and a user-friendly interface. 

Benefits Improved defect-inspection capabilities. Inspekto’s newest software update maintains a very low rate of false alarms and offers improved sensitivity to add “OK” and “Not OK” samples. Users can take an existing profile and modify it to create a new profile with similar qualities, thus saving time and effort, with Inspekto’s Import Profile Markup function. 

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