BinMaster switches keep workers safe

Feb. 27, 2024
The BMRX-300 rotary level switches have a built-in LED indicator light.

BMRX-300 BinMaster’s rotary level switches provide reliable point level detection for bulk solids including powder, pellet and granular materials. Users drill a hole through the storage vessel to accommodate the unit’s drive shaft, with a paddle inside the vessel and the motor assembly attached to either the side or top of the vessel’s exterior. The motor rotates the paddle slowly, and when the material fills to the level of the indicator paddle, it stops the paddle’s rotation and the level switch indicates the fill level. The switches can be attached to an output relay to stop processes, such as turning off an auger, when a desired fill level is reached. 

What’s new? The BMRX-300, which has a built-in LED indicator light. The light shines green to indicate a rotating or uncovered status condition, and red indicates a fault or covered condition. The light is visible from 100 feet away. The unit’s enclosure now can rotate 360 degrees, so the conduit entries can be pointed down to protect the unit from moisture. 

Benefits Enhanced worker safety. The rotary level switches prevent workers from having to climb bins and silos to check on material levels, and the LED light adds a visual indicator that lets workers know a vessel’s level status at a glance. It has the same conduit size as other BinMaster rotary level switches, making it easy to replace or upgrade existing sensors.  

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