BinMaster sensor uses radar to check levels

Jan. 23, 2024
The NCR-86 non-contact sensor provides accurate measurements to within 1mm for materials of any bulk density or specific gravity.

Radar level sensor BinMaster makes a wide range of level sensors to monitor bulk storage of a wide range of commodities, including plastic powders and pellets. 

What’s new? The NCR-86 non-contact radar level sensor. When paired with BinMaster’s BinCloud inventory management software, users can use a single login to measure any solid, powder or liquid commodity in all vessels across multiple sites. Connectivity options include Bluetooth using a BinDisc or the BinMaster Sensor app optionally connected to a phone or PC, as well as wireless and solar gateways, long-range transceivers, and HART consolidator modules that can help reduce system costs and complexity. 

Benefits Fast, accurate, reliable measurement. The NCR-86 offers accuracy to within 1mm in measurements of material of any bulk density or specific gravity, and the data updates in seconds without regard for dust, foam, steam or condensation. It is available with plastic, aluminum or stainless-steel housings, and its encapsulated electronics withstand temperatures up to 842 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures up to 25 bar. It comes with advanced technology that follows the highest information technology security standards set by the process industry to combat cyberattacks. 

BinMaster, Lincoln, Neb., 402-434-9102, 

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