Motan Gravicolor 110 med targets medical, pharmaceutical applications

Jan. 9, 2024
The gravimetric batch dosing and mixing unit can be used for injection molding, blow molding or extrusion.

Gravicolor 110 med Motan has adapted its Gravicolor 110 gravimetric batch dosing and mixing unit to meet the needs of plastics processors serving the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Its new Gravicolor 110 med can be used for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion applications. It has a modular design and can mix up to four materials precisely while providing great recipe accuracy. Pneumatic cylinders control its vertical slide valves at high speeds for the highest possible accuracy, and its hoppers can be fitted with cylinders boasting a 50mm stroke for high throughputs or a 25mm stroke for lower throughputs and higher accuracy. 

What’s new? Compliance with FDA 21 CFR requirements for conveying plastic granulate. The Gravicolor 110 med has electropolished stainless steel and FDA-approved plastic interior surfaces.  

Benefits Fast material changeovers and cleaning. All of the material hoppers are easily removed without tools, allowing for thorough cleaning of the dosing and mixing unit, including its discharge flaps, without removing the hopper loaders. The modular design also makes material changeovers quicker, so more time can be spent in production. All seams on the material hoppers are continuously welded, then electropolished to provide for contamination-free operation. 

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