Syspro upgrades enterprise resource planning software

Nov. 16, 2023
More than two dozen new capabilities and features lead to improved quality control and connectivity.

Syspro Syspro’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps manufacturers by automating routine work and provides them with the data they need to improve efficiency, manage bottlenecks and optimize processes. 

What’s new? Syspro 8 2023, which includes more than two dozen new capabilities and features. 

Benefits Improved quality control and connectivity. The Syspro Quality Management feature lets manufacturers set their own quality-control standards, then track a suspect product through each process of the supply chain, from delivery of raw materials to customer delivery. The Big Data Connectors feature lets users scale analytics as they handle more data, such as that coming from IoT sources, by seamlessly connecting to cloud and other data sources. Other features automate the invoicing process, help businesses create a catalog of products with associated pricing and streamline the log-in process. 

Syspro, Tustin, Calif., 714-437-1000, 

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