Fluke acoustic imager pinpoints leaks, wear

Aug. 31, 2023
The SV600 uses an array of sensors to pick out aberrant sounds, then melds that information with a video image.

SV600 This Fluke Process Instruments acoustic imager can be installed in a fixed location to detect, locate and visualize air and gas leaks, or changes in mechanical sound signatures. An array of sensors picks out sounds, then melds that information with a video image its camera captures to help users pinpoint problems. For mobile inspections, the SV600 can be paired with Boston Dynamics' Spot, a four-legged robotic dog, to look for mechanical anomalies and leaks on multiple machines and pieces of equipment throughout a facility.  

What’s new? The 3.3 release for Spot firmware, an upgrade that makes it easier to program acoustic inspection actions and view them directly on the Spot tablet.   

Benefits Energy savings and reduced downtime. By making it possible to conduct inspections across an entire facility  even in hazardous areas that are unsafe for workers to enter — the SV600 can direct users to fix leaks or address wear in various pieces of equipment, such as compressors, pumps and pipes, before they fail. Users also can work from the Spot controller to quickly plan every detail of the Spot’s autonomous inspection routes.  

Fluke Process Instruments, Everett, Wash., 800-227-8074, www.flukeprocessinstruments.com/sv600-spot 

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