Mantis microscopes sharpen their focus

July 27, 2023
Vision Engineering incorporated several new features into the three new models.

Mantis Vision Engineering’s Mantis microscopes provide a large, high-quality magnified optical stereo image without the use of eyepieces. Users have long working distances between the microscope and the workpiece, making assembly, rework and inspection tasks more comfortable than with traditional microscopes.  

What’s new? The third generation of the Mantis, available in three models: the Pixo, Ergo and Iota. For this newest-generation microscope, Vision Engineering incorporated several new features that its customers have requested. They include a turret that can house up to three objectives ranging from 3x to 15x, an 8x super-long working distance lens and five illumination options. The Mantis Pixo includes an improved, higher-resolution camera to capture still images and video. An optional toggle switch allows users to choose between white light and ultraviolet light. 

Benefits Improved optics. The updated microscopes offer users excellent depth perception, which helps with hand-to-eye coordination when manipulating workpieces. 

Vision Engineering Inc., New Milford, Conn., 860-355-3776, 

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