SABIC material designed for integrated circuit parts

June 16, 2023
It offers better stability for burn-in test sockets (BiTS), withstanding high heat.

LNP KONDUIT 8TF36E This new specialty material from SABIC helps address the stringent demands of burn-in test sockets (BiTS) used to stress-test double-data-rate memory integrated circuits (ICs). It is well-suited for fixed, structural parts, including latches and adaptors, in BiTS assemblies. 

What’s new? The material. 

Benefits Better dimensional stability of the BiTS made from the new material. The compound’s flow characteristics help enable miniaturized and complicated designs with many pinpoints. During the testing process, it can withstand typical testing temperatures of 302 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining good dimensional stability to help improve the accuracy of BiTS’ measurements. This high-heat capability can permit BiTS to be re-used repeatedly without degrading. 

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