Thread-gauging system works with UR cobots

June 14, 2023
New Scale Robotics' Q-Span automated gauging system replaces manual sampling and eliminates human error.

Q-Span automated gauging system This New Scale Robotics technology can be used in quality-control applications involving parts made from plastics, as well as other materials. Plastics processors can use it in first-run testing to verify that their mold is performing as planned, or they might opt to use the system throughout the manufacturing process or at the end of each production cycle.  

What’s new? A device for checking threads that can monitor torque, number of rotations and the depth of threaded holes. While such systems previously have been available for use with robots, New Scale Robotics’ technologies can be used with collaborative robots from Universal Robots A/S, Odense, Denmark. The thread-gauging systems can be retrofitted on existing Q-Span automated gauging systems. 

Benefits The replacement of manual sampling that relies on hand tools like manual thread plugs, calipers, micrometers, height gauges and go/no-go gauges. Automating the measurement and logging of data eliminates human error.  

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