Toyota tow tractor is efficient, ergonomic

May 22, 2023
It is easy to control and can tow up to 15,000 pounds on a flat surface.

Industrial tow tractor This versatile and efficient vehicle from Toyota Material Handling features an AC drive motor that generates power to handle the heavy loads easily, allowing it to tow up to 15,000 pounds on flat surfaces. Its multifunction control handle has dual thumbwheels, and all controls can be operated with either hand. It can use Toyota’s lithium-ion batteries. 

What’s new? The Industrial Tow Tractor. 

Benefits Improved ergonomics and energy efficiency. Power steering is a standard feature that provides the operator with improved steering and control. A sensor indicates for the operator the proper place for maximum comfort. The Industrial Tow Tractor also features regenerative plugging, which cuts energy costs and provides increased efficiency and productivity. Optional features include PIN code access for enhanced security, and cold storage conditioning. 

Toyota Material Handling, Columbus, Ind., 800-381-5879, 

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