Sick camera aids AMR navigation

June 6, 2023
The system, available as a retrofit, also improves worker safety.

safeVisionary2 With its ability to provide 3D localization and object recognition, this compact, time-of-flight 3D camera from sensor and machine vision maker Sick can be used in combination with the light detection and radar (LiDAR) technology included on autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to detect people or obstacles and prevent collisions. It can facilitate AMR navigation and perform other applications, such as detecting empty pallets or finding or measuring objects. While it’s available to AMR manufacturers, it also can be retrofitted to existing AMRs and can be used in any application that requires safety-rated detection of a person or object to stop or slow down hazardous motion.

What’s new? The camera, released globally in April. 

Benefits Assistance toward fully autonomous robot travel. The camera provides three-dimensional sensing in a range of more than 6 feet, increasing the safety and efficiency of various applications, including AMRs’ turning and pivoting maneuvers. It also extends protection of the robot work area to human-head height. Thanks to the precise measurement data, the camera also reliably solves automation tasks, thus eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware components.

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