Eblow blow molding machine line gains 55-ton model

June 1, 2020
Bekum has added to its Eblow line of blow molding machines with the 807D model, the largest in the line.

Eblow 807D This 55-ton, all-electric, extrusion blow molding machine from Bekum can make a wide variety of containers, including large canisters and bottles with handles. The shuttle-style, double-station machine has large clamping platens and flexibility in how it can be configured. For example, it can incorporate an optional bottom blowing station and various cutting devices and systems for container removal.  

What’s new? The machine, which is the largest in Bekum’s Eblow series. The company has updated the overall design of the machine, which includes a magnetic quick-change system for molds and a patented C-frame clamping unit.  

Benefits Optimal performance and energy efficiency. The Eblow 807D’s C-frame clamping unit ensures a precise distribution of force and parallel platens. The machine’s ability to precisely pinch off flash guarantees the optimal welding of neck, tail and handle seams.  

Bekum America Corp., Williamston, Mich., 517-655-4331, www.bekumamerica.com 

Maximum mold width3.5 feet
Maximum mold length1.8 feet
Mold daylight1.4 feet
Dry cycle time3.6 seconds