STF wet grinder cleans bulky post-consumer plastics

March 5, 2015

KSM 800 series wet grinder  This STF cutting mill, KSM 800 series, is designed to pulverize bulky post-consumer plastics via intensely applied water. A five- or seven-bladed V-cut rotor and feeding device allows for high and continuous capacity. The rotor and feeding device has been designed for the reduction of bulky plastics and is powered by 120 to 214 horsepower.

What's new?  Its availability in the North American market. STF Maschinen & Anlagenbau GmbH, Aicha vorm Wald, Germany, has been selling the machine globally. The company installed it for the first time in North America in 2014 through its sales agent Zimmer America Recycling Solutions.

Benefits  High cleaning effect. Through the use of water, the shredding process in the grinder allows for a grinding and cleaning effect. During shredding, roughly 95 percent of paper labels are removed and dissolved in the water.

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