Kreon introduces wider 3D scanner

July 1, 2024
It can be used for applications such as quality control and reverse engineering.

Skyline Xtra Wide Kreon Technologies is building on the success of its earlier 3D scanners with its newest one, which can be used for applications from quality control with geometric dimensioning and tolerancing verification to reverse engineering. It has an ergonomic design and seamlessly integrates with Kreon’s measuring arms for an intuitive, highly productive experience. The scanner can deliver consistent results whether used on small components or large-scale objects. 

What’s new? The Skyline Xtra Wide, which boasts an 11.8-inch-wide laser line, which is wider than its predecessors. 

Benefits Fast, precise scanning. The scanner’s blue laser offers an ultra-fast acquisition speed of 600,000 points per second to capture dense point clouds over the surface, and its wider laser line enables operators to thoroughly examine large parts with fewer scan passes, optimizing scanning efficiency. The fineness of the blue laser brings accuracy of 28 microns, even on shiny, reflective surfaces. 

 Kreon Technologies, Limoges, France, 33-555-42-80-40, 

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