Flexicon unit combines bag discharger, screw conveyor

Jan. 3, 2024
The unit is mounted on a mobile base and works with a range of bulk bag sizes.

Bulk bag discharger This mobile unit from Flexicon features both a bulk bag discharger and a flexible screw conveyor for dust-free discharging and conveying of bulk solid materials. Users can attach a range of bulk bag sizes onto a removable bag-lifting cradle with Z-Clip strap holders, then load them via forklift onto the Bulk-Out BFF-series discharger. The material flows into the enclosed hopper, which is vented to a Bag-Vac dust collector. The enclosed hopper feeds a Bev-Con flexible screw conveyor that discharges directly into processing equipment or storage vessels through a 10-inch-diameter downspout. The system is available in carbon steel with an industrial coating, with stainless steel material-contact surfaces, or in all stainless steel. For transport to feed various locations or a cleaning station, the unit is mounted on a mobile base. 

What’s new? This bulk bag discharger configuration. 

Benefits Convenient, mobile discharging capabilities. Features that promote thorough emptying of the bulk bag without requiring direct operator input include the Flow-Flexer, which engages bag activators at timed intervals to press against opposite sides of the bag’s bottom, and the Pop-Top extension devices, which raise the uprights as the bulk bag empties, while the hopper has proximity level sensors and a pneumatic vibrator assembly. 

Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, Pa., 610-814-2400, www.flexicon.com   

Vital Statistics

Hopper size 

30 inches by 30 inches by 42 inches 

Hopper capacity 

5.5 cubic feet  

Bulk bag heights 

36 inches to 84 inches 

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