Fluke's Baseline helps plan inspections

Feb. 21, 2023
The software can manage images, reports, technician assignments and recommendations.

Baseline Team Fluke’s Baseline software helps users plan inspections and automates the generation of reports from the company’s thermal imaging cameras.  

What’s new? Baseline, which Fluke said is its first cloud-based, thermal imaging maintenance solution. 

Benefits Scalable management of preventive maintenance programs. Regardless of the number of assets a business has to track, Baseline can manage images, reports and recommendations. Supervisors can assign tasks to a specific technician, who can access the information on a mobile device and use it to record images. The technician then uploads the images, and Baseline automatically syncs them to the correct assets in a report. Technicians or managers can review the inspection results, and a PDF can be generated to share the report. Fluke said Baseline can reduce reporting time by up to 75 percent, and is easy to use, so even new employees can quickly be trained to proficiency.  

Fluke Corp., Everett, Wash., 800-443-5853, www.fluke.com/en-us/products/fluke-software/baseline 

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