New Moog Animatics drive has more communication options

April 28, 2021
The DS2020 Combitronic digital servo drive provides high-torque capabilities for machines with large axes of motion, such as index tables, part loaders/unloaders, positioners and robotics.

DS2020 Combitronic Moog Animatics’ new, single-axis digital servo drive is appropriate for use by OEMs as well as end users who want to retrofit equipment that is outfitted with the company’s SmartMotor motion-control systems. It provides high-torque capabilities for machines with large axes of motion. Applications include index tables, part loaders/unloaders, positioners, robotics, precision material handling equipment and assembly equipment.   

What’s new? Incorporation of the Combitronic communication protocol into the DS2020 drive. This expands on the capabilities of the standard version of the drive, by allowing it to act as a follower device on a Combitronic network, which means the drive can easily be controlled by any SmartMotor on that network.   

Benefits Improved performance and significant space savings during installation. The DS2020 Combitronic is ideally suited for retrofits where higher torque and speed are required. It allows for quick, precise movements, personalized functionalities and flexible configurations. 

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