Sensors monitor machine vibration

June 2, 2020
TE Connectivity's 8911 accelerometers use network technology to transmit signals from equipment over a long range.

8911 This line of wireless accelerometers from TE Connectivity can be installed by equipment users, as well as systems integrators and OEMs. Combining the functionality of a sensor, data collector, digital signal processor and radio, the accelerometers monitor vibrations and ambient temperatures to provide secure, predictive-maintenance monitoring of high-rpm rotating machinery. They come enclosed in a corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel case with plastic cover. 

What’s new? The sensors, which are distinguished by their use of LoRaWAN — or low-power, wide-area network technology that connects battery-operated devices to the internet — to transmit signals over a long range. They are compact enough to fit in the same space as traditional sensors. 

Benefits Reduced downtime. The sensors can help machine users spot problems in time to head off costly, catastrophic machine failures. 

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