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How to assess your cybersecurity risk, then take action

Sept. 12, 2023
The threat is serious, but companies can protect themselves by segmenting their networks, educating employees on the importance of security and planning in case of a breach.
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Successful lean manufacturing requires commitment

Aug. 24, 2023
But lean advocates say even imperfect implementation can bring positive changes.
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Your workers are the key to continuous improvement - Commentary

Aug. 23, 2023
Listen to your people, treat them well and act on their suggestions to make your operation better.
Sidel Inc.
The latest generation of the Cermex ProSelex is faster than earlier versions, and can handle containers with awkward geometries while protecting them from scratches and damage.
Blow Molding

Sidel collating system handles, protects unstable containers

Aug. 18, 2023
The newest generation of its Cermex ProSelex is faster and protects product appearance on its way to the case packer.
BinMaster's ATEX-certified 3D level scanners are safe in explosive environments.
Product Innovations

BinMaster level scanners are safe in explosive environments

Aug. 17, 2023
The IECEx/ATEX-certified 3D level scanners offer non-contact measurement of bulk solids and powder levels within silos.

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DMG Mori
DMG Mori's Lasertec 30 SLM US has Adaptive Beam Control.
Molds & Tooling

Lasertec SLM offers adjustable laser control

Aug. 16, 2023
The printers from DMG Mori can efficiently produce finished parts for molds and tooling applications for plastics production.
Denios' Falcon funnels are now available in stainless steel.
Product Innovations

Funnels make material transfers easy

Aug. 15, 2023
Denios' Falcon line is now available in stainless steel.
LS Mtron Injection Molding Machine USA
This 660-ton injection molding machine is the biggest in LS Mtron's new LSG-V line.
Injection Molding

LS Mtron expands line of vertical injection molding machines

Aug. 15, 2023
Ten new IMMs join three existing presses in its newly named LSG-V line.
Oerlikon HRSflow
Oerlikon HRSflow's new stack mold system for thin-wall packaging employs the Xd nozzle series.
Molds & Tooling

Stack mold system handles sustainable resins

Aug. 14, 2023
Oerlikon HRSflow's stack mold system is compact and offers fast injection and cycle times.
JuggerBot 3D
JuggerBot 3D’s Tradesman-series P3-44 3D printer is fed with standard resin pellets to print with a method the company calls Fused Granulate Fabrication (FGF).
Additive Manufacturing

JuggerBot 3D simplifies 3D printing with open material ecosystem

Aug. 11, 2023
Its Material Card, available on the Tradesman-series P3-44 pellet-fed printer, lets users print a material without needing months of experimentation to optimize parameters.
Comau's MI.RA/Picker can autonomously recognize unordered parts and direct robot grippers.
Product Innovations

Comau vision system guides picking

Aug. 10, 2023
The MI.RA/Picker has two high-resolution laser sensors and a central camera that can autonomously recognize and locate parts, and direct grippers.