JuggerBot 3D simplifies 3D printing with open material ecosystem

Aug. 11, 2023
Its Material Card, available on the Tradesman-series P3-44 pellet-fed printer, lets users print a material without needing months of experimentation to optimize parameters.

Tradesman series P3-44 JuggerBot 3D’s Tradesman series of large-format pellet-fed 3D printers addresses some common shortcomings of other 3D printing methods, with extrusion rates as much as 30 times faster than most filament-based printers and the ability to use the same pellets available for injection molding. The printers’ Fused Granulate Fabrication (FGF) printing method is best-suited for medium-sized to large parts with thicker walls and less-complex geometries. The company is seeing customers among both the plastics processing and molds and tooling sectors for tooling, large jigs and fixtures, prototyping and final part production.

What’s new? The introduction of JuggerBot’s Material Card — a digital product within the HMI of JuggerBot’s Tradesman printers that helps streamline production. JuggerBot’s printers embrace an open material system, which gives users freedom to choose their material type and source, but traditionally requires skilled operators and months of experimentation to home in on the parameters, such as nozzle temperature, extrusion rate and travel speed, needed for reliable and repeatable success. JuggerBot’s Material Card creates a data-driven process, leveraging extensive material testing and innovative software that enables production workflows.

Benefits Ease of use. With JuggerBot’s Material Card, operators can confidently produce accurate, repeatable end-use parts. Users need only run a calibration print to adjust for variables in the local environment, such as heat and humidity. The first material to be included in JuggerBot’s Material Database is SABIC’s Thermocomp AF004XXAR1 black ABS with 20 percent glass fiber. JuggerBot calls the material a very good general-purpose material that balances printability, functionality and price. Over the next 12 months, the company plans to establish the roadmap for between five and eight materials that satisfy about 80 percent of the core applications its users need. The rollout could begin as early as first quarter of next year.

JuggerBot 3D LLC, Youngstown, Ohio, 330-331-2190, www.juggerbot3d.com

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