Sidel collating system handles, protects unstable containers

Aug. 18, 2023
The newest generation of its Cermex ProSelex is faster and protects product appearance on its way to the case packer.

Cermex ProSelex Sidel has for years offered its Cermex ProSelex collating system, which arranges incoming containers to prepare them for case packing. Developing packaging trends, which include innovative container designs that can be unstable during processing and shorter production runs that can require more frequent changeovers to deal with different container geometries, have led Sidel to create a new generation of the Cermex ProSelex.

What’s new? The latest generation of the Cermex ProSelex, which debuted in May at Interpack. The updated system is faster and has a more compact footprint than earlier generations, offering speeds from 80 to 300 bottles per minute.

Benefits Gentle, efficient product handling and fast changeovers. The Cermex ProSelex minimizes upstream product accumulation to prevent products from jamming and shingling. It uses servos for smooth, precise comb positioning and limits the number of contact points to reduce friction and prevent scratches, protecting product appearance. Because it requires only a small number of change parts, changeovers using the same bottle in a different collation can be completed in 1 minute, while changeovers involving a different bottle can be completed in about 2.5 minutes.

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