Camera system is appropriate for inspecting small parts

May 5, 2020
Keyence's XG-X image-processing system works inline to detect flaws in appearance, size and shape.

XG-X This Keyence image-processing system performs inline, 3-D appearance and dimension inspection of various small parts, such as molded medicine bottle caps. It uses a 9.44-megapixel camera, four high-speed light projectors, telecentric lenses and proprietary algorithms to detect flaws in plastic parts, including random defects and foreign objects such as dirt. It has a 2.36-inch field of view and can perform an inspection every 0.6 second. 

What’s new? The system. 

Benefits Highly accurate, high-speed inspection over the system’s full field of view. Additionally, it is well-suited for inspecting items with glossy surfaces.   

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