Modix's latest printer has a faster print head

June 3, 2024
The Everest can print up to 1.1 pounds of polymer per hour.

Everest Modix Modular Technologies Ltd., which is known for its large-format 3D printers, has announced its latest printer, the Everest. The Everest shares components of the company’s Big-Meter printer, including its gantry, electronics and heater components, as well as the reinforced frame that provides stability for printing large parts.

What’s new? The Everest printer, which incorporates a faster print head capable of putting down more than 1.1 pounds of polymer per hour.

Benefits Reduced post-processing time. Everest’s expanded print envelope allows users to print large final parts in a single run, rather than printing them in sections. This cuts the labor time needed to assemble parts from multiple smaller prints, and ensures stronger, seamless finished parts. Modix’s printers are shipped as self-assembly kits, allowing them to be moved through narrow and short doorways; the company also can help arrange assembly services.

Modix Modular Technologies Ltd., Ramat Gan, Israel, 972-584-486-725,

Vital Statistics

Printer size (X, Y, Z)

4.4 feet by 4.7 feet by 10.1 feet

Printer weight

520.3 pounds

Maximum print size (X, Y, Z)

3.2 feet by 3.4 feet by 6.6 feet

Print speed

Up to 1.1 pounds of resin per hour


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