Phrozen printer boosts memory, resolution

May 28, 2024
The Sonic Mighty 8K V2 can print at up to 400 layers per hour.
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Sonic Mighty 8K This Phrozen 3D printer can create detailed parts and fine surface finishes, making it appropriate for producing intricate molds and precision parts. It also is appropriate for rapidly prototyping functional parts. It is compatible with any photo-curable resins sensitive to 405-nanometer-wavelength ultraviolet light. Options include standard resins, engineering-grade resins and specialty formulations optimized for specific applications.

What’s new? Compared to the Mighty 8K, the Sonic Mega 8K V2 enhances printing size and productivity. Equipped with a new high-speed system, along with two plug-in air purifiers, it increases printing consistency and printing efficiency.

Benefits User-friendliness, and with the 12K printing upgrade, the ability to print very detailed parts. The Sonic Mega 8K V2 is highly efficient and reliable for small-scale production. Compared with its predecessor, which could lay down about 140 layers per hour, the Sonic Mega 8K V2 can print at a pace of 400 layers an hour. It also can be paired with Phrozen’s Pump & Fill automatic resin-filling technology, which eliminates the need for manual refills and prevents print jobs from being derailed by resin shortages. Users who opt for the 12K upgrade kit can experience even higher resolution — of 19 micrometers by 24 micrometers resolution — and memory of up to 8 gigabytes of storage space.

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Vital Statistics

Print volume

About 13 inches by 7.3 inches by 15.7 inches


To within 43 microns

Printer weight

77.2 pounds

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