Meltio wins Spanish small business award

May 3, 2024
The company's wire-laser metal deposition 3D printing technology can be used for mold making and repair.

Meltio, which produces wire-laser metal deposition 3D printing technologies, was named Spain’s best small and medium-sized (SME) company in 2023 by Santander Bank and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, at an event presided over by the King of Spain, Felipe VI.  

In his speech, Felipe VI said, “SMEs sustain and move our economy, contribute to its growth, drive or extend innovation and create most of the jobs. … Recognizing — and valuing — your work, in addition to contributing to your strength and resilience, is an important part of our mission.” 

Meltio's CEO, Ángel Llavero López de Villalta, spoke about the potential for Spain’s Andalusia region to become a global technological hub. “We are the generation in history with more opportunities, there have never been so many changes in such a short period of time. Spain, in this new situation has an ideal position to have a great potential in the industrial sector.” 

A total of 1,740 companies from 50 provinces competed for the seventh SME of the Year Award.  

Meltio’s 3D printing technology can be used to produce molds and tooling, as well as to repair or add new features to existing molds and tooling.