Markforged FX10 prints strong, high-quality parts

Dec. 7, 2023
The fused-filament-fabrication printer is precise, repeatable and twice as fast as the company's X7.

FX10 The Markforged FX10 is its latest fused-filament-fabrication 3D printer, capable of printing strong parts. The FX10’s build chamber can heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and its aluminum vacuum bed is also heated. It features a 7-inch touch screen that gives users a single interface from which to manually control the machine, run automated calibration routines, start builds and monitor machine status. It also has an integrated material chamber that can store four spools in individually sealed compartments for fast spool loading and automated material changeover. The FX10 can print with Markforged’s carbon fiber filament, as well as its Onyx material, a micro-carbon-fiber-filled nylon that is 1.4 times stronger and stiffer than ABS; the company plans to add more materials over time.  

What’s new? The FX10. 

Benefits Fast printing of strong, high-quality parts. The FX10’s fifth-generation extrusion system is precise and repeatable, and prints twice as fast as Markforged’s X7. The FX10 features two print-head-mounted optical sensors: a laser micrometer that provides in-print dimensional validation and machine calibration, and a vision module that captures detailed images of calibration parts to optimize printer performance. Its user-friendly features mitigate the need for dedicated operators.  

Markforged, Watertown, Mass., 866-496-1805, 

Vital Statistics

Machine footprint 

2.5 feet by 2.08 feet by 3.8 feet 

Machine weight 

240 pounds 

Build volume 

14.8 inches by 11.8 inches by 11.8 inches 

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