LiQ 5 prints with standard LSR

May 26, 2023
The new generation of innovatiQ's line introduces a heated build chamber and the capacity to print in color.

LiQ 5 3D printers in the LiQ line from innovatiQ GmbH + Co KG can print with standard liquid silicone rubber (LSR) thanks to the Feldkirchen, Germany, company’s patented process for curing the material. The print head deposits LSR in the build chamber, and for straight-wall layers, the printer’s high-temperature halogen lamp passes over the print after two layers are laid down, or after every layer when overhangs are being formed. InnovatiQ shares the same ownership group as Arburg GmbH + Co. KG, Lossburg, Germany. In the U.S., ,3DChimera and Dynamism sell innovatiQ’s products. 

What’s new? The LiQ 5, which debuted in the U.S. in May at the Rapid + TCT show. The LiQ 5 is the third generation of innovatiQ’s LSR printers; it introduces a heated build chamber and the capacity to print in color.  

Benefits Parts printed from standard LSR with quality and surface finish that rival injection molded LSR. The heated build chamber regulates airflow, feeding heat in a dosed manner into the printing process to support printing, then removing waste heat. The patented material cross-linking method ensures parts are fully cured, allowing the printer to produce rapid prototypes or small batches of LSR parts such as seals and gaskets. 

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