Sintratec printers handle both polymers and metals

April 28, 2023
The new All-Material Platform offers reduced downtime, increased throughput and lower cost per part.

All-Material Platform Sintratec, the manufacturer of selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printers, has developed a modular approach to the construction of its printers that opens new capabilities. With its new All-Material Platform design, the fusion modules house the laser systems, while the movable build modules house the raw materials, which can be either polymer, or metal powder integrated into a plastic binder matrix. The build modules can carry all Sintratec printing materials and feature integrated powder mixing and sieving functions. 

What’s new?  The ability to produce both polymer and metal parts on the same SLS 3D printer system.   

Benefits Reduced downtime, increased throughput and lower cost per part. The laser fusion modules are completely isolated from the material-carrying build modules, eliminating clean-up time and allowing build modules to be quickly swapped and the next job to begin. Build modules can be transported to dedicated material-handling stations, where unused powder can be sieved, collected and recycled for future use.  

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