Nexa3D and Addifab announce partnership

April 12, 2023
The move advances Freeform Injection Molding, for printing tooling to mold parts that previously would have been difficult or impossible to make.
Nexa3 D

Nexa3D, a manufacturer of industrial 3D printers, announced it is joining forces with Danish 3D printed tooling pioneer Addifab to offer injection molders worldwide a novel 3D printed injection mold tooling platform.

Called Freeform Injection Molding (FIM), the platform lets users create complex injection mold tooling with additive manufacturing in hours, rather than the weeks or months traditionally required. Tools produced via FIM are compatible with most thermoplastic materials, including reinforced high-performance feedstocks. After resin is injected and hardens within the FIM tool, the tool is then dissolved in liquid, leaving behind the finished part. This method allows for production of complex components that would be difficult – or even impossible – to mold with conventional metal tooling.

Ventura, Calif.-based Nexa3D will supply NXE 400 industrial 3D printers and wash and cure units to FIM users, while Addifab will supply proprietary tooling resins and post-processing equipment.

“Injection molding is a complex process, and the tool building is the most complex part of the process,” said Lasse Staal, co-founding CEO of Addifab. “With Freeform Injection Molding, we provide injection molders with a fully transparent set of tools (no pun intended) that will allow them to fast-track tool designs and validations while raising the bar on tool innovation.”