Software upgrades improve scanning process

Jan. 23, 2023
Applications like checking the edges of images and scanning objects at a fixed angle are now easier with Shining 3D’s hand-held FreeScan blue laser scanners.

FreeScan Shining 3D’s hand-held blue laser scanners can perform metrology-grade inspection, as well as scanning tasks for additive manufacturing and reverse-engineering applications. They can be used to efficiently scan difficult surfaces, including ones that are black or highly reflective. 

What’s new? Version 1.2.4 of the software, with a number of upgrades and features. For instance, the scanners now have a View Lock function, which allows users to scan objects at a fixed angle, and a Cutting Plane function, which allows users to delete either selected point clouds selected markers, or both. With a Local Enlarge view, users can enlarge the image in the scanner to ensure they’ve picked up enough data in the corners and edges of the object they’re scanning. Another set of functions allows users to prioritize either scanning speed or data quality. In addition, more scanners in Shining3D’s portfolio now offer partial high-definition scanning modes.  

Benefits Higher-quality data, a better operating experience and even better follow-up data processing.  

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